July 9, 2010

Up and going.....

Okay Cougar fans thought I put a little something up to let you know that this season will not be like last one having so much trouble with blogging servers. This blog will come out fast right at the get go. I'm trying to get a few minutes with Coach Spradlin and will post a little interview when I get the chance. Let me know what you would like to see this year, I always get requests for stats but make it clear what you want. Most stats can be found on this website. I look forward to blogging about the coogs for the 2010 football season see yall in August when the Coogs take on the very hated Austin Westlake. Cya soon.

October 15, 2009

Woo hoo back up finally!!!!

Sorry Cougar fans for the delay in this blog, I obviously missed an email and didn't know that ARN set up a new server for the blogs. So while I was writing them they weren't posting, and so thats why this blog is way behind now.

Anyways, the Coogs are up to a good start in district with a very easy win over the Hereford Herd in Whiteface Stadium. I thought there were way too many penalties in the game, but the Coogs seemed to rebound nicely after each one so no harm done. I'm also glad to see that the Coogs worked out the onside kick problem, as Khole Jackson nearly ran one to the house on the Herd. The defense played well with Jamail Lowry, running a fumble back and Khole Jackson caught a 14 yard pass touchdown after a Herd fumble. Reese Williams I thought made an excellent catch on the 2 point conversion, and a nice tackle by Beall on special teams seemed to round out the game. Ryan Heslep Heslep 11-18-0--125 yards seemed real comfortable in the pocket it was a fairly quite night for Powdrill, Cooper, but Riddick definetly looked good on a 75 yard drive for the first Coog touchdown. The Coogs seemed to pull some new plays out and all of the shifting made it very hard for the Herd to keep up. My one problem is that the Coogs seem to go get it one half then cruise in the other half, I would like to see them play the whole game 100 percent. Dave Campbell's football website has the Coogs ranked 19th in the top 25 poll with district rivals Big Spring being ranked 8th and Frenship falling to 22.

See you all at the Lakeview game at Shotwell. I'm going to have to do some research on them and I'll bring up anything I find in the next blog. Once again my apologies for missing the email about the new blog server, if any Cougar moms, or booster people need to get out some info feel free to email me at dragonlance41@hotmail.com and I'll be sure to add it to the blog. Lets fill Shotwell with people on Friday and lets keep Lakeview in the losers bracket, and lets help our Coogs with our cheers. Take care.

Week 7 rankins Dave Campbell Football

1 (1) Lake Travis (7-0; 3-0) W: 38-7, Lampasas Led just 17-7 at half, but wins 37th game in a row
2 (2) Denton Guyer (6-0; 3-0) W: 68-13, Denton J.W. Walsh throws for 284 and runs for another 108
3 (3) Longview (6-1; 3-0) W: 44-0, Mount Pleasant Has won past two games by combined 89-0
4 (5) Waxahachie (6-0; 3-0) W: 56-27, Waco Rushes for more than 450 yards with 10 YPC average
5 (6) Angleton (6-0; 3-0) W: 49-28, Pearland Dawson With wins over Dawson, La Marque and Friendswood, 24-4A title is in sight
6 (7) Cibolo Steele (5-1; 3-0) W: 27-7, New Braunfels Canyon Alfonso Trammell and Malcolm Brown each rush for 100+ and two TDs
7 (8) Highland Park (5-1; 3-0) W: 51-44, Richardson Pearce Second-straight 50+ point against talented 10-4A rival
8 (14) Big Spring (6-0; 1-0) W: 28-14, Wolfforth Frenship Converted Frenship miscues into critical points
9 (10) Aledo (5-1; 3-0) W: 49-7, Azle Johnathan Gray rushes for 163 yards and four TDs
10 (11) Brenham (5-1; 3-0) W: 28-7, Magnolia West Terrell Reese catches three TDs -- 9, 28 and 5 yards
11 (18) Lake Dallas (6-0; 3-0) W: 35-31, Denton Ryan Picked off Ryan's Scotty Young three times
12 (4) Denton Ryan (5-1; 2-1) L: 35-31, Lake Dallas Scotty Young throws one TD but three INTs
13 (13) CC Calallen (6-0; 3-0) W: 56-0, Laredo Nixon Scored on two blocked punts and a fumble return
14 (15) Denison (5-1; 3-0) W: 56-28, Frisco Wakeland Scored seven times on eight possessions to overcome tough start
15 (16) Waco Midway (5-1; 2-1) W: 20-0, Waco University Shuts out tough University team to bounce back from loss
16 (17) Everman (5-1; 3-0) W: 63-0, Mansfield Legacy 35-point second quarter blows open tight game
17 (20) Gregory-Portland (5-1; 2-0) W: 70-7, CC Miller Offensive explosion for G-P was unexpected
18 (22) Texarkana Texas High (3-2; 1-1) W: 17-9, Sulphur Springs Defense and run game pave way to Tiger victory
19 (23) Abilene Cooper (3-3; 1-0) W: 20-14, Hereford Turned two fumbles into short-range touchdowns
20 (24) SA Alamo Heights (4-2; 3-0) W: 21-14, Seguin 28-yard touchdown pass with three minutes left gives AH the win
21 (25) Ennis (3-3; 1-2) W: 28-13, Cleburne Zarron Dove rushes for 142 yards on 28 carries
22 (9) Wolfforth Frenship (4-2; 0-1) L: 28-14, Big Spring Loses 16-game district winning streak
23 (12) Sulphur Springs (4-2; 1-2) L: 17-9, Texarkana Texas High Stopped on fourth-and-inches with under two minutes to play
24 (N/A) Birdville (6-0; 3-0) W: 52-14, Springtown Offense continues its unstoppable pace
25 (N/A) Stephenville (4-2; 3-0) W: 42-7, Joshua Has recovered from rough start to crack into top 25

Week 7 ranking Lonestar Gridiron

1 Denton Guyer Wildcats
2 Austin Lake Travis Cavaliers
3 Longview Lobos
4 Denison Yellow Jackets
5 Everman Bulldogs
6 Angleton Wildcats
7 Waco Hewitt Midway Panthers
8 Dallas Highland Park Scots
9 Texarkana Texas Tigers
10 Lake Dallas Falcons
11 Richardson Pearce Mustangs
12 Sulphur Springs Wildcats
13 Canutillo Eagles
14 Cibolo Steele Knights
15 Corpus Christi Calallen Wildcats
16 Aledo Bearcats
17 Denton Ryan Raiders
18 Dallas Carter Cowboys
19 Dayton Broncos
20 North Richland Hills Birdville Hawks
21 Big Spring Steers
22 Rockwall-Heath Hawks
23 Wolfforth Frenship Tigers
24 Brenham Cubs
25 El Paso Del Valle Conquistadores

Blogs I had typed on old server about the 2009 season:

Sorry its taken me so long to start this up again ARN just barely told me I could do it again not too long ago. I'm finally back in town so this one should be a lot better as I can do more in depth research then what I'm usually able to do. After, a stomping of Wyatt, and a terrific come back on the road at Boswell, the Coogs were poised to take the battle to the Abilene High Eagles and finally shut those guys up a little bit. I will say a lot of things about the game, and not all of it is good. Because, while the first half was outstanding, something happened in the third and I'm still in shock of it.

Heslep, who was 29-of-44 for 264 yards, at some points looked brilliant and at some points had people scratching there heads. Although, a QB who is willing to go head on while is a scary proposition it really fun to watch as he was responsible for a rushing touch down. I suppose everybody can arm chair a QB and the coaching staff but, if the run was working, why not stay with the run a little bit more in the second half of the game. I think Tommy Bowman having to leave the game so early hurt Heslep as well, I know it hurt Tommy having to sit there as I sat by his anxious mom bugging her for updates. She promised by the way that he should be back for Garland barring any complications with Tommy's knee. So good news for us!! The receiving core did a better job than what the stats and the score board might suggest, however, they had to make a lot of diving and low handed catches and might have caught more had Heslep not forced the ball into the ground on many occassions. Reese Williams the tight end for the Cougars also made some very nice plays, although I'm sure he'll only remember the bobble toward the end of the game. He played a very nice game and I can't wait to see him get more involved when district starts.

The Cougar running game was really effective last night and Cooper and Powdrill ran all over the Eagle defense, I think district foes had better beware this dangerous combination. I was a fan of Alfred, when in the Wyatt game he ran down a fumbled ball 4 touchdowns up just so Wyatt would not score and made a tackle. I think he is a serious talent and it really showed in the crosstown showdown. 2 touchdowns and a lot of trampled eagles. Kendrick showed brilliant streaks as well, I've been a fan of his since last year as well, and he has come along way this season. Putting up impressive numbers so far and even Davon Riddick got into the show with a touchdown. I think the run game was working and for some reason the coaches went to a more passing happy mood in the second half. I mean we have a good receiving corp but really if its not happening its not happening, and you got Bowman hurt as well. However, arm chairing is always easy for us on Saturday and we dont know what the Cougar staff was seeing and trying to exploit.

Our defense looked exceptional at times, but for some reason the left side of the Cougar flank didn't seem to be able to stop the cousin combination from AHS. It was not suprise as to where the Eagles were going to run or when because you knew that were headed for the left side. They better get it shored up because they have man excellent running teams to go up against in district and I'm sure every coach in 4A and 5A has a tape of Abilene High/Cooper and are scouting it heavily. If we don't get it fixed be ready to see lots of sweeps to that side and many TD's given up. I would also say that onside/poof kicks will be on the agenda this week and as I saw some deer in headlights looks from the front line of the kickoff return team. That should not have happened and it was ridiculous that it did. Jump up and get the ball and lay down on it no problem, teams like Big Spring love to do things like that and we will be seeing it this district I guarantee you. Good game but a win is always nice and I think the Coogs might have given AHS a couple of touchdowns just to make them feel better as they will probably get knocked out of the playoffs again early and need something to feel important about. LOL!!

Cougar fans I will see you for homecoming, hopefully a dry homecoming against Garland, and for god sakes get off your asses and start cheering. Half the stadium were sitting and they were wearing red and blue and complaining, our guys need us so get up and yell and scream. Even when were down, the kids notice stuff like that and feed off of it, so you want the comebacks you need to get them pumped up as well. Best wishes to Tommy Bowman hope your knee is better soon. Going to do some research on Garland and see what they have to offer this year.


Cougars (#22/4A) face a hard one at home against Garland (#10/5A), the Owls haven't lost on the road and the Cougars have not lost when there the home team. Garland is bringing in a power house offense that is winning by a 53 point margin, and a defense allowing teams an average of 14, they also have the confidence of beating the Coogs last year. I think this game is going to show what kind of corner back TC Robinson is going to be against a very talented Adrian Peterson, if Robinson can shut him down then the Owls are in trouble. Garland has other weapons but if TC can take him man to man a couple of times to where he does not need as much help from the safeties this will be a way easier game to win. Garland is ranked number 10 in the state 5A rankings and they are a monster team to play, Lake Highland on beat them by a point last week and it was a low scoring game. The Cougars are going to have to give Ryan a lot of time to pick his shots in the pass game, the Coogs have the advantage of not having one good receiver but several and a very sure handed tight end. Powdrill and Cooper will have to dominate early for the pass game to work effectively, if they don't then the Owls can stay in nickel all night and foil the passing game. Hopefully Tommy will be back tonight, and hopefully the left side of the defense got an upgrade from last week. Garland is beatable and the Cougar team this year is really fast enough to hang with them but it has to be a no mistake night and the defense is going to have to be on it tonight. And for god sakes I hope Spradlin worked on onside kickoffs this week cause that is trademark Garland to do something like that. (credit Lone Star Gridiron for all stats)

Last weeks game against AHS was miserable not because we lost but because of all the rude people with umbrellas. Lets use some common sense this week if you have a beat up umbrella with metal sticking out then maybe you should bring something else, many kids were at risk from dummies with these ancient umbrellas they were using. If it quits raining put the umbrella up, I had one lady who only put her down the last 3 minutes of the game and she had the biggest one in the stadium and the rain had stopped by the half way through the 3rd quarter. The Cougars are going to need our help tonight and so if you can cheer please do as I was sitting in the middle of field and could hear nobody but a few cheering, let make it rowdy tonight, obnoxiously rowdy. Hopefully the girls will have good weather has to show off their mums tonight and if anybody wants to buy a fat blogger a garter for homecoming then I won't say no, LOL. Anyways have a great game lets cheer are asses off and lets see the Coogs hand it to Garland.

LSG CLASS 4A TOP 25 (Week 3)

1 Longview Lobos
2 Denton Guyer Wildcats
3 Sulphur Springs Wildcats
4 Austin Lake Travis Cavaliers
5 Waco Hewitt Midway Panthers
6 Ennis Lions
7 Denison Yellow Jackets
8 Everman Bulldogs
9 Angleton Wildcats
10 Texarkana Texas Tigers
11 Friendswood Mustangs
12 Richardson Pearce Mustangs
13 Dayton Broncos
14 Denton Ryan Raiders
15 Rockwall-Heath Hawks
16 Wolfforth Frenship Tigers
17 Dallas Highland Park Scots
18 El Paso Del Valle Conquistadores
19 Canutillo Eagles
20 Cibolo Steele Knights
21 Corpus Christi Calallen Wildcats
22 Abilene Cooper Cougars
23 Aledo Bearcats
24 Lake Dallas Falcons
25 Dallas Carter Cowboys (cred Lone Star Gridiron)

December 3, 2008

Some closing thoughts...

Well Cougar fans we came close and unfortunately we didn't make it, but I can say it was a great year to be a Cooper Cougar football fan. We have seen them win, we have seen them stumble, and we've seen them show class and poise through injuries and criticisms coming from all sides. I would most definitely say that this team deserves to be talked about with the respect we talk about any other playoff Cougar team. We've met a great bunch of high school athletes that have represented us with pride and have kept our win, lose, tie Cougar till I die mentality. I would like to congratulate them now on an excellent season, and tell the guys coming up that they have big shoes to fill and I'm sure they will. I would also like to congratulate Coach Spradlin and his staff on the excellent season the Coogs have had. He has made it fun to be a Cougar fan again and his no excuses approach to a football program is really starting to show the area the kind of team the Coogs can be.

I've enjoyed being you blogger and I hope ARN will have me back next year. I know that this blog has suffered criticisms from not being stat heavy and all I can say is that I did the best I could with a full work schedule and living 17 hours away. This was new territory for me as far as 4A and not every team has a website and ARN has done such a good job with their gofriday night team pages it just felt redundant to repeat the same info. I love my alma mater and I hope I did them some kind of justice this season.

Go Cougars!!!!
Jason Mcgrew

Editors note:
Any comments with obscene language or no redeemable content were not accepted. So if you don't see your comment on any of the blogs you know the reason why. I posted everything else but the items mentioned above.

Any stats that I did use was from Dave Campbell.com, Rivals.com, LonestarGridIron.com, and a few other meta sites that had no author for me to credit. Most of the information on rival teams that the Coogs played was mostly gotten from reading pages of forums or contacting their bloggers direct. I would like to especially thank the Denton Guyer, Big Spring, Canyon Randall bloggers for pointing me in the right direction on their teams.

Thanks to my mom for telling me that all my blogs were excellent even though I knew that some of them weren't.

November 23, 2008

Wow feels like the old days...

Hello again Cougar fans and it feels good to be a resident of Cougar Country as they manhandle people in the playoffs. The Coogs have now shut down two very good high powered offenses in the playoffs and seem to be almost unstoppable. They are playing very good football, very few mistakes, using the offensive package to the fullest, and a D that punishes wide recievers. Theres not many in the state that are going to be able to overlook the Cougars if they keep playing the way they have been. They have Denton Guyer next week and hopefully they'll get a chance to play in Texas stadium which would be a great gift for this bunch of Coogs. Heslep has become a very dangerous passer and as usual with Padrill and Pimpton keeping defenses honest has had some chances to really air it out over the top to Bowman and Sonnier. The Cougar defense right now is probably one of the best defenses in the state if not the best in my opinion. Will Ford is gonna be a stud even hurt and with a supporting cast like Ty Robinson, Demetric Lee, Brandon Henderson, and Blake Spears theres alot of offensive coordinators getting nervous across the state.

In this last game El Paso was just outclassed and as usual they do not generally do well against Cougar teams in the playoffs. They have the Denton Guyer Wildcats up next and from everything I've seen there a pretty standard metroplex team. They are really big and physical there defensive line weighs 948 pounds respectively and they run a 3-4. There offensive line is battle hardened and are also very big and very physical. They tend to open up very big lanes for their running backs and come with a very balanced offensive attack. This team also likes to do a lot of cute plays like the onside kick and Spradlin is going to have the hands team out there every time. They also have some really creepy "Omen" music playing on their website to watch their videos, and their official record is 9-2. They are a for real playoff team and its sad to say metroplex teams generally are the guys that knock us out every year. Yes, even back in the 90's. The one thing you don't hear them brag about in the forums is their secondary and with Cougar receiving corp they better lay off the pork skins and quit reading their press clippings. A lot, is going to depend on the Cougar offensive line and keeping Hesleps pocket nice and firm. If they can't keep Heslep on his feet and throwing in the game then we could be in some trouble. They are excellent on the run and about every coach in Texas has Pimpton scouted. Probably, wouldn't be a bad idea to use a full complement of backs especially Alfred and try to exhaust those fatties on their defensive line. This is going to be a game in which the Cougars speed will be very important and a turnover in this game could be very bad. The Wildcats tend to be very opportunistic and will get points off of mistakes. If you have the gas money it should be a good one and I would go if I could. So wear your red and blue this week and send some prayers to Ford and his elbow, he's a tough stud but I'm sure he would appreciate it.

Take Care
Go Cougars!!!!!!

My apologies to Denton Guyer Wildcat fans I did not realize there was another Denton Wildcats team in the playoffs to where there could be confusion. I mean I'm used to 5A teams that are actually known. (Odessa Permian (Permian, Mojo,), Abilene High (Abilene Eagles, so I didn't take into account your feelings once again my apologies. Oh yah, and btw we are known as Abilene Cougars in some places, sometimes Abilene Cooper, sometimes Coogs. Didn't know you 4A guys were so sensitive notice corrections have been made.

November 15, 2008

The roar is restored and shall soon be heard again in Ratliff

Hello Cougar fans and you have every reason to be happy as your Coogs have finally played up to the strandard that we all knew that they could. You know names like Rhodes, Mcgrew, Galusha, Allen, Rozell, Anderson King, Rose, and we finally have some names that can finally go right up along side them. Heslep, Pimpton, Ford, Sharp, Bowman, Henderson and the many other Cougars that I can honestly say I'm proud to have them playing for us. I went to Cooper 91-95 and my brother played till 98 so I'm used to good Cougar teams and this one is finally living up to some of the high standards that we've all grown to expect. They dominated Randall with sheer force and just talented play. The Coogs made very few mistakes and it really showed how much better they do when they go almost mistake free. The first round is generally the hardest for any team and with the performance today, El Paso De Valle had better get ready to take cover or get caught up in the perfect storm that is the Cougars. The Coogs are 4-0 against teams at Lowry field now, which is the field that pretty much put Dominic on the map so a great tradition is still intact that many did not know about. This is the first 1st round playoff victory for the Coogs since 2003, and with some inspiring news Cougar teams are 8-0 in dealing with El Paso teams in the playoffs.

I also owe a great apology to Ryan Heslep my blogs have not been friendly toward him but it was a master game by him tonight and I offer him congratulations and hell of game. Tommy Bowman had a very nice short and long range game, and Reese also had a very suprising and welcome touchdown that gave the Coogs a spark to start it off. Of course Amon contributed with his almost requisite touchdown and its a great boon that he seems to be recovered from his ankle injury. The defense as usual played outstanding and Ford along with his supporting cast of Spears, Robinson, Hazlett, and Brandon Henderson totally decimated a very good passing team. They broke the Raiders early and welcomed them to Cougar country with some outstanding hits and a nasty blitz that kept the Raider QB skittish the rest of the game. Theres still plenty of time to get on the bandwagon folks and those of you that jumped off are more then welcome back as the Coogs head to the 2nd round of division playoffs in Odessa. Wear your red and blue this week and have a hankie ready for Eagle fans as they have finally had to come back down to reality. Go Coogs!!!!!!!


November 13, 2008

Cougars vs Raiders 1st Round

Hello once again Cougar fans and its play-off time in Texas and the Coogs have drawn almost their twin in the first round. I've researched a little on Canyon Randall and the first thing I found out this is the one in Amarillo and not the Caynon Randall in Canyon, Texas. Lowry field should have given me the heads up but sometimes i'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I was also lucky enough to find a video of them playing Plainview on youtube and I have to agree with Spradliln on this one its really like watching the Cougars. They were a passing team that has developed a very strong run after losing to Frenship then winning the next six games with authority. There official record is 8-2 coming out of district play and have built up great momentum coming into the playoffs. The #26 Cougars 6-4 are going to have their hands full, but with the boon of a healthy Amon Pimpton coming back should fare pretty well.

The Coogs will only fare well though if their offense can keep the Raider defense out on the field if they can manage to eat up the clock and score like we know they can, this one should be in the bag. If however they fumble on special teams and do not hang on to the ball in the recieving corp this could be a very long shoot out type game. The Cougars cannot make mistakes this Saturday if they want to beat the Raiders fumbles can quite literally send us to Basketball way early. The Coogs unfortunately are also known to being weak against onside kicks and gimmick plays and I guarantee you expect to see at least one of each in the game. I would say that Spradlin put the whole hands team out there every time and make the Raiders pay for trying an onside kick that they will most definetly try because of success from other teams. Thats the only real gloom and doom other than that this looks like probably one of the better games of the season, it should be one worth driving to. Good luck and be careful if your planning on driving to the game, and GO Coogs!!!!!

For you stat people if you can find out their state ranking please comment and let me know because I cannot find it, or you can email me at dragonlance41@hotmail.com

Cougar ranking came from Dave Campbell website.

November 6, 2008

One game in district to go

This Friday the #21 Coogs will be head toward #115 Plainview ending district play and hopefully ending it with a win. Plainview in the last poll I saw was ranked around #115 or so, but all the chatter in the forums online say they are a lot better team then what their record suggests. They have lost every game in district but some of them being so close especially against #7 Frenship that they could give the Coogs serious trouble. Plainview is not headed toward the playoffs and they are in a prime position to be a spoiler for the Coogs. They have everything to play for and nothing to lose, so I expect a hard hitting game from their side and a lot of risky play. Would like to give you more stats on Plainview but unfortunately there is not that much chatter about them and they do not have any fan websites that I can find. Some of you people that are complaining if you can find some all purpose stats let me know, if not the only other thing I can do is direct you to gofridaynight individual team pages. On paper the Coogs should win this but the Cougars have done nothing but suprise me on how they can find ways to lose games this season.

The Cougars are going to have to start playing up to their potential and crush this team, and I mean in a big way. The program is losing credibility across the state as a dominant 4A contender, and that is not a good thing headed into division 1 playoff bracket. There are some legitimate monsters waiting and the Coogs still seem like their in some kind of cruise mode. Their passing game right now is below average compared to some of the metroplex teams like #1 Everman, #4 Dallas Carter, and as I said before defensive coordinators are ready for Pimpton and so Heslep and his receiving corp have got to come big in this game and make all those defensive coordinators keep it honest. The Cougars have been able to lean on the defense heavily in all their district wins but those days are bout to run its course, the offense is going to have to stay on the field longer than what they have been on every ball possession. We will start seeing the bigger 4A schools next week and we most definitely do not want our defense tired because of not looking down the field and ball droppage when they do.

I hate for the tone of this blog to be so negative but the Coogs need to deliver this week and build some momentum going into playoffs. For those of you headed to Plainview be careful and get there and back safe. I'm out GO Cougars!!!!!!!!

Polling information I got off Dave Campbells football website, Lone Star Grid Iron has the Coogs ranked #23, If anybody has some constructive information to give or has a really good website that I'm missing be sure to comment back and I'll investigate it.

GoFridayNight Team Pages